February 01, 2005

Longest month of the year

I always roll my eyes when people talk about time as if it's linear. I don't know what time is like anywhere else in the world but here in the northeast, time is cyclical and wrinkled. Maybe it's the mountains that cause the lumps. But we have only 3 days between July 4th and Labor Day. That's right. One day, I'm up at camp, swimming and getting tanned, and bam! Three days later, the summer is over and the semester has begun. The calendar shows something like 35 days between Thanksgiving and New Year's but everyone knows that is not true. It's really only five days - a busy five days, crammed with all kinds of holiday stuff, but in the end just five days long. And February, well, it certainly is not the shortest month. Maybe it's the bitter cold we get at the end of January that freezes time and makes it grind to a stop, but February often lasts for 90 days. Really.

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