July 02, 2009

Playing statue

On my second day in Famous City With Space Needle, Ecowoman had to go to work. I told her not to worry, that someone I had met online was going to come pick me up, and I was pretty sure she wasn’t an axe murderer. “And if she’s a stalker, I’m still okay,” I said cheerfully, “because I’ve given her your address and not mine.”

Jane Dark and I had a wonderful day. We began by wandering around a beautiful Japanese garden, relaxing on a bench to talk, and then watching some little kids feed the most aggressive koi fish I’ve ever seen. Really, the koi fish were almost as creepy as rabbits.

On the campus of University Rub-a-dub, we went into a special room of the library and got to look at some amazing book art by artists like Julie Chen. They even let me touch the pages! I’m so used to getting yelled at in museums that I was thrilled to get to handle these gorgeous books. Our tour of campus included a room that looked like Hogwarts’ great hall, except it was filled with Americans students instead of British wizards and witches.

After our lunch with Rokeya, we looked at our watches and realized that we were running out of time. I don’t know where the day had gone, except that I had already gotten Jane lost at least once. People get lost when they are with me. It’s a special talent I have.

Jane had planned an ambitious naked photo shoot: “Okay, we’ll go out in kayaks, and I’ll just slip off my dress without anyone noticing, and I’ll pose with the skyline of the city in the distance. And you just balance in the other kayak and take the shot.”

I could see this easily turning into some kind of comedy routine that would end with my camera at the bottom of the sea. But alas, we didn’t have enough time.

“Well, it should be an outdoor shot,” I said. “But maybe we could do it on land.”

“Here’s a private spot,” said Jane.

“Just pretend you’re a statue. You know, like in Europe how the formal gardens always have statues in them?”

She tossed off her dress and sandals, and I snapped the photo. Now all we need is a sculptor.

Playing statue

(Readers who want to know the history of the naked photo tradition can check it out here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.)


Anonymous said...

Another beautiful picture!


Liz Miller said...

Loving it!

patti said...

You should publish a coffee table book of nude bloggers.

Sandy said...

Gorgeous. I especially love that its outside.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL what a riot.

BB is eager to pose naked for you but I'm not sure how thatw ould work out, LOL!

Unknown said...

She is a beautiful garden statue.

YourFireAnt said...

Jo(e), these are really nice, these latest nakeds. Lovely!


Amber S said...

These pictures are so beautiful!

A strange sadness occurs in me. I wish I was that beautiful and confident.

Or maybe I just wish I had friends who were so comfortable (and daring) around each other. :-)

heidi said...


Rana said...


Silver Creek Mom said...

I tempted to paint that. IF I had the time. It's is truely a artistic shot.

Sue said...

Another beautiful picture!